Public Sociology

Panelist on “New World Order 2035,” LSE Festival: New World (Dis)Orders, March 2019.

Panelist on LSE IQ podcast, “Can we afford our consumer society?”, 19 December 2018.

After the flood, the flood map: uncovering values at risk,” ASA Work in Progress blog, October 8, 2018. Cross-posted at PreventionWeb.

Guest on Episode 7 ('Housing') of Breacheda podcast about the American social contract, May 2018.

Social media champion for Sustainability as the Sixth Giant, LSE Research Festival: Beveridge 2.0, February 2018.

"Elliott: Don't get back to normal," The Houston Chronicle, September 9, 2017.

"It’s not a lack of information that stops many Americans from adapting to flood risks; it’s a lack of cash," LSE US Centre blog on American Politics and Policy, September 7, 2017.

"In Hurricane Harvey's Wake, We Need a Green 'New Deal'," The New York Times, August 31, 2017.

"Conflicted calculation: Emotion and natural hazard risk," Risk & Regulation, Summer 2017.

"Stormy Waters: The Fight Over New York City's Flood Lines," Harper's Monthly, June 2017, with Elizabeth Rush.

"New Frontiers in Economic Sociology: Socio-Economic Approaches to Sustainability," essay in the newsletter for European Economic Sociology, March 2015.

"Flood Insurance Affordability and Availability," guest blog post for United Policyholders, April 8, 2015.

"Flood Insurance Sagas" blog series, Zone A New York, March - May 2014. This blog series, which helps homeowners in the New York City area navigate recent changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, was awarded the Berkeley Alumni Prize for Public Sociology in May 2014. Zone A is no longer operating, but the link here will take you to a pdf of the posted blogs.

Coping with Big Flood Insurance Changes in NYC, Part IV: Mitigation,” guest blog post for the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, October 1, 2014. 

Consultant for development of, created by the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, July–August 2014.

"Cities and People Project: A White Paper on Human Interaction with the Built Environment," a paper I co-authored as a Research Associate for the Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship in Berkeley, CA, March 2012.

Ditch Your Laptop, Dump Your Boyfriend,” The New York Times, September 25, 2010. 

Media appearances

Quoted in “Earth Hour 2019: Why You Should Turn Your Lights Off, and When to Do It,” by Kashmira Gander, Newsweek, March 30, 2019.

Guest on NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook, "After Harvey, Questions About Who Takes The Lead On Rebuilding?" September 6, 2017.

Quoted in, "Harvey is one of the costliest disasters in U.S. history, and most of the victims have no flood insurance," by Laura J. Nelson and Don Lee, The Los Angeles Times, September 1, 2017.

Quoted in "Now Comes the Uncomfortable Question: Who Gets to Rebuild After Harvey," by Kate Aronoff, The Intercept, August 30, 2017.

Quoted in “Hurricane Sandy Anniversary 2014: Flood Insurance To Rise For Many NYC Homeowners,” by Catherine Dunn, International Business Times, October 29, 2014.